02 September 2011

"It Makes You [Laugh] and Try to Get It Out"

In the Utah vernacular, "Oh My Heck! This is flippin' awesome!"

Someone uploaded my favorite LDS video, "Mouths of Babes," to YouTube. Watch and enjoy!

I quote this all. of. the. time! Some of the best bits:
  • "I seen His house before, but I don't remember. It's not far, not very far away."
  • "And the water is like milk, and the bread is like...just bread."
  • "...Not that the church is dirty or anything, it's just..."
  • Where does God live? "California."
  • "Just RANNIN' around!"
  • What does that got to do with the devil? "I...don't know."
  • "It just makes me hung-ry!"
  • Is candy against the Word of Wisdom? "Yes, it's bad for boys 'cept it's good for girls."
  • What does smokin' do? "It makes you cough and try to get it out."

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