20 September 2011

"What are you sinking about?"

This is another one of those very quotable bits. It is especially hilarious to me because I speak German.


11 September 2011

I Remember

"Where were you when the Towers fell?"

That is a question people of this generation ask, just like people of my mother's generation ask "Where were you when JFK was shot?"

I'll tell you where I was when the Towers fell. I was sitting in the John A. Widstoe building on the BYU campus, waiting for my Honors New Testament class to start. Melanie, my roommate, and I had dropped her car off on Condo Row with her sisters and walked up to campus early that morning; when I got to my classroom, I had about 45 minutes until my class started so I was studying my scriptures and preparing for my day.

As I sat alone in the classroom on what seemed to be "just another day," I heard a low rumble of noise in the hallway, which I attributed to normal hallway conversation. But the low rumble grew into a clamorous distraction. Before I could stand up and walk out to the hallway to find out what was going on, a fellow student--a stranger--poked his head into the room and queried me, "Have you heard?"

"Heard what?" I responded, thinking through a short list of plausible "what" scenarios.

"The plane crash in NYC? The terrorists?" he probed.

All I could do was stare at him with terror etched in every feature. Terrorists? Plane crash? NYC? Had I fallen asleep? Was I having another one of those life-like dreams--and was I going to wake up, laugh at how real this felt, and go on my merry way of "normal life"?

Unfortunately, it was no dream. That day, September 11th, the world changed for all of us--a waking nightmare that none of us has been able to awake from.

On this day when we honor the 10th anniversary of September 11th, I remember.

I remember and honor the sacrifices made, the service given, the humanity shown, the unity displayed, and the lives lost.

I also remember today that the nightmare continues and that today as our nation remembers these events, the fight goes on: we still have men and women overseas fighting a war that commenced almost 10 years ago--men and women who have mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, neighbors, friends, and colleagues who pray for their safe return.

I remember and pay tribute to those we've lost, to those who continue to serve, and to those who prayerfully wait. And I pray for all of them. If ever we needed to heed our nation's motto of "in God we trust," it is now. Let us remember to trust in God as this battle against terrorism continues.

02 September 2011

Kid History Episodes #5-6

Some of my favorite bits:
  • "No, yike this!...Watch my bum move!...Nooo! You need to yisten!"
  • "Let's go do something flippin' awesome!"
  • "There will be NO funny business!"
  • "He has crazy eyes."
  • "Yeowo grapes..."
  • "When I get bigger I can know how to make chicken...chicken nuggets."
  • "Ninja vanish!"
  • "Yook! I'm go-ing potty!"
  • "I'm in a yot of twubble."
  • "You put a hand on yo bum and then do dis!"

Some of my favorite bits:
  • "My little toesies are ticklin' ya!"
  • "She doesn't give me peas all day yet. Because I don't like them yet. That's why she doesn't give me them all day yet."
  • "You can only eat one 'cuz it's too tingly."
  • "Guess what 'you have a sweet tooth means'? It doesn't mean that you like candy, it means that you want some!"
  • "I feel like I don't want this candy anymore 'cuz I can't bite it...Not really, I can still bite it."
  • "Guess what? I'm going to sing a few words of the song and I want you guys to guess what it is. 'Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How I wonder...' Can you guess what it is? It's not the 'Happy Birthday' song! I'll give you a hint: it starts with the letter 'P.' Guess! Guess! Yeah, there's only 1 minute left in my brain. Time is running out! So you better guess.... Yes! It's 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star'!"
  • "I know it's green, but what else is about it?"
  • "What in the freak just happened?!"

Kid History Episodes #3-4

Some of my favorite bits:
  • "You. Car. Give me some monies."
  • "Jackelehm dito papa"
  • "Ok. Your name's Doodle."

Some of my favorite bits:
  • "Girls are mermaids. Some boys are mermaids, too."
  • "Facccct!" 
  • "Oceanology"
  • "Silly Brett. You silly Brett. Your name is Silly Brett."

Kid History Episodes #1-2

Some of my favorite bits:
  • "Don't punch...our car."
  • "...pushed him in the ground and made him have a headlock."
  • "If you do any more of this, you're going to have to sit in the toilet for 2 days."

Some of my favorite bits:
  • "Kyle, I AM having a good time."
  • "And they liked to drink out of the gutter."

"It Makes You [Laugh] and Try to Get It Out"

In the Utah vernacular, "Oh My Heck! This is flippin' awesome!"

Someone uploaded my favorite LDS video, "Mouths of Babes," to YouTube. Watch and enjoy!

I quote this all. of. the. time! Some of the best bits:
  • "I seen His house before, but I don't remember. It's not far, not very far away."
  • "And the water is like milk, and the bread is like...just bread."
  • "...Not that the church is dirty or anything, it's just..."
  • Where does God live? "California."
  • "Just RANNIN' around!"
  • What does that got to do with the devil? "I...don't know."
  • "It just makes me hung-ry!"
  • Is candy against the Word of Wisdom? "Yes, it's bad for boys 'cept it's good for girls."
  • What does smokin' do? "It makes you cough and try to get it out."

01 September 2011

The Context Is Everything

Ever wonder what he's thinking or what she's thinking? Well, in this hilarious skit from BYU's Divine Comedy, you can find out.

Note: This makes fun of a lot of Mormon cultural references and stereotypes, which is why it is hilarious...but for those who aren't as familiar with the culture, it might not be as funny. You stand warned. (grin)