24 August 2011

Maddy Loves...People with Down syndrome!

There's such a tender place in my heart for those who are perceived as "different" and/or "unwanted" or "unlovable."  Two of my cousins (one from each side of my family) are autistic, which has brought this issue very close to home for me.

When I was at university, I had the privilege of directing a group called Unified Sports. The volunteer-led organization provided a weekly activity for people with Down syndrome and their families. It was during this wonderful time of service that my love for people with Down syndrome blossomed. Some of my fondest memories are from this special time.

Orphans with Down syndrome harrow my heart with a great force. Someday I will bring (at least) one of those precious children home to live with me. And someday I will be in a financially abundant position to enable other families to do the same.

Until those somedays...
At the Special Olympics when Dustin won (another) gold medal!
With Dustin as my "date" to a dance. (Love my crimped hair, eh?)
With Eli Rios, a previous "boyfriend" with Down syndrome. (I break the hearts of these poor boys, huh? Haha.)
With Dustin at his Eagle Scout Court of Honor. So proud of you, Dust!

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