23 August 2011

Maddy Loves...Flip Flops

Flip flops, sandals, slippers (if you are in Hawai'i). Call 'em what you want, baby, I'll still call it love. (Name that song!) If given the choice, I would wear flip flops, or some version thereof, 365 days a year. Even in the winter. Judy's mom regularly tells me to put on some "appropriate foot attire," which I sometimes do just for her. But my feet...they get claustrophobic and need fresh air; that's why I can only stand to wear other footwear sparingly--and usually only when absolutely necessary (e.g. at my office, to church, etc).

Someday when I rule the world, flip flops will be acceptable footwear for all occasions.

And that is my report.

Me fitting my flip flopped foot into Will Smith's shoe imprint. Not quite a match, haha.

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