26 August 2011

Maddy Loves...Family!

My family is dysfunctional, crazy, and sometimes unbearable. But we're also a pretty great bunch of people when we get together.
4 generations of head-strong, German women: Great Grandma (Bertie), me, Grandma (Audrey), and Mom
Holding my cousin Peter whilst my Dad holds me. (And yes, it's okay to say it: I *am* adorable, aren't I?!)
I heart my Dad. Always will.
Mom, me, and my sister (who has somehow seen fit to forgive me for teasing her that she was adopted).
Celebrating the opening of my sister's LDS mission call with our lovely grandmother.
My Dad's side of the family. A crazy bunch we are!
With my parents, grandpa, and sister at the airport before I left for my LDS mission to Colorado/Wyoming.

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