23 August 2011

Maddy Loves...Doing Crazy Things and Finding the "Crazy" in Daily Life!

My way of not getting sunburned at the Turtle Bay beach.
Helping one of the Easter Island statues get his hat on.
Playing a lovely melody on the uke'le'le.
Finding (in a singsong voice) "another pe-cu-li-arity" wherever I travel. This one: chickens on the side of the road in Hawai'i!
Bows on Christmas packages? $1.00. Wearing gift bows on my head? Priceless. LOL.
Treeshka and I saw this HUGE wooden shoe as we were rushing through the Amsterdam airport. The shoe just begged to be in a picture!
AWESOME hair after camping. A beauty, ain't it?
Treeshka making friends with a Nutcracker.
Stevie Wonder, er, I mean, Treeshka during one of our many (many, many, MANY) meetings at work.
Thanks to Melissa and Tracy--and the big plastic pair of scissors--I was able to secure new employment: as an OFFICIAL ribbon cutter. Have plastic scissors, will travel!
Birthdays are meant to be celebrated in full. And in this case, it means waking up the Birthday Girl very early in the morning, dressing her up in a plastic tiara and a fluffy boa, and taking her to breakfast so everyone can see her!
One of THE best Christmas gifts E-V-E-R: our very own Nerf dart guns. And yes, we did, spend the rest of Christmas day shooting the guns a) at each other and b) at a bull's eye we'd drawn on the sliding glass door. It was EPIC!
"I don't know why I'm SOOOO awesome! I just AM!" LOL.
A little La Jolla love, baby!
At The Spud Drive-in. Nothin' says fine cinema like watching a movie in your car in a field, surrounded on each side by horses and cattle. But at least they have delicious tater tots. Yes, indeedy!
Just "hanging' around with Melganie, Suz, and Jenga Brittany
"I'm ready for my close-up, dahling."
The best way to consume whipped cream: directly from the can!
At Garden of the Gods (Colorado) with Jonathan, Char, and Ry. (Char and Ry are astride a statue of a bull.)
"Holy Mother of All ... freeeeeezing cold lake!" (Star Valley, Wyoming)
No sleep? Check. 10+ hours in a car? Check. Waiting to hike 12 miles into Havasupai. Check!
Que pasa, Nacho Jason?
Boy! The world is heavy! I need to put my "back into it"!
Wanna see what I just ate? Do ya? Do ya?
Pretending to be a cheerleader at the boys' Turkey Bowl.
Beds were meant to be landed upon. And blankets? Just capes waiting to be tied around your neck!
Modeling the wedding items Celeste's soon-to-be aunt in-law thought were, um, pretty (?).
Post-search for the Grand Daddy of All Puddles. Jessica and I ran around the BYU campus in our bare feet, jumping in e-v-e-r-y puddle we could find!

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