02 August 2011

Maddy is...Awesome!

On my commute this morning, I was thinking about how great I am.

Now, I know that sounds pretty arrogant, so let me explain the context: friends of mine recently told me that I was too reluctant to acknowledge the wonderful things that I am able to accomplish with God's help, and that by doing this I wasn't honoring God to the fullest. I took those words to heart; I've since made a concerted effort to look for the hand of the Lord in my life and see ways in which He helps me to be the best me I can be.

Recording what I see will also help me, so you'll notice the next series of blog posts will be about this theme. My hope is that I can honor God by honoring the good from Him in me. It's a new concept for me (I'm usually the first one to point out my weaknesses)--but I hope it is one I can embrace and incorporate into my life.

So, my first post on this subject is simply this: I am awesome!

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