23 August 2011

Finding a Husband: Is it REALLY this easy?

There I was, I was doing some genealogy....when I saw the answer to my marriage dilemma. (Who'd have thought that it would've there all along!?) I've been going about this all wrong. I don't need to be going to clubs or looking for love online. No! All I need to do is click on one little hyperlink and ALL of my problems are solved!

If I just click on ADD OR FIND HUSBAND, apparently FamilySearch does the work for me (!). Not sure if my husband, wherever and whoever he is, has some sort of GPS tracking device attached to him that is activated when I click on ADD OR FIND HUSBAND...? I guess I don't need to know exactly how it works as long as I know it does work, right?

Man! If I would've known this existed, I would've clicked on the links years ago! LOL.

I guess it apparently works for having children also (ADD OR FIND CHILD). But maybe I'll wait to click on that link until my husband shows up. ;-)

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