29 August 2011

100 Things about Me, Continued -- #51-75

51.The only thing stopping me from getting my MBA at Harvard Business School (besides little things like, you know, writing amazing essays, getting accepted, finding $200k for tuition and living expenses, and moving to Boston) is algebra: when I took the GMAT a few years ago, I rocked the verbal section but not the math section. And conversely, when I took the GRE, I rocked the math section but not the verbal section. If there was a way that I could combine my scores from both tests into one uber score, then I wouldn't need to retake the GMAT and would submit my application...and then I'd try to figure out how to pay for everything!

52. Although I played school and dress-up like other kids did, my favorite game to play was Office. I loved to pretend I was the CEO and have my secretary (usually my little sister) transfer calls to me or take dictated notes that she would then pretend to type up on our Commodore 64 computer.

53. I would like to own a business someday that provides employment to a large number of people. I love the idea of "teaching a man to fish" by enabling people to help themselves.

54. I am nerdy, in so many, many, many ways.

55. I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen--and mostly what I cook turns out pretty edible. Ok, it's actually more than pretty edible: it's delicious! One of the downsides to commuting and working/traveling so much and to living alone is that I don't cook as much as I used to--in fact, I rarely cook anything beyond the basics (read: reheating left-overs or convenience foods). I love having dinner parties or cooking for someone else because it gives me an excuse to crack open the dusty recipe books and try something new and exciting.

I'm also famous for a homemade Mexican seasoning mix I make. Though some people believe it is laced with crack (because it's so addictive), it is simply herbs and spices combined with a pinch of magic and a few unicorn tears. The sought-after recipe will never be shared: if you want some Mexican seasoning, I will make you some, but I will not share the recipe! I've thought about marketing the stuff...I just haven't had enough time to devote to the product's development.

I've also considered starting my own restaurant at various times of my life. The only thing stopping me from doing that? The fact that I don't want to be trapped in a kitchen (or anywhere) for 20 hours/day.

56. I don't like cake very much--especially don't like frosting. For my birthday, I prefer Kneader's pumpkin pie or guava cake from Bamboo Hut.

57. I respect and admire celebrities and would consider myself a big fan of many of them, but I don't usually get "star struck" most of the time. The only exceptions have been for LDS "celebrities" Bronco Mendenhall, Sheri Dew, and Kim B. Clark--and me being "star struck" had more to do with being too excited to speak because I was meeting these inspiring, amazing people, than the fact that they were famous.

58. On the Meyers-Briggs personality test, I am an ENFJ--basically, an extroverted feeling person with introverted intuition.

59. I love taking personality and other tests to learn more about myself. 

60. I can eat Jell-o with chopsticks.

61. I am highly intuitive (see #58) and often feel drawn to certain things though I can't explain why. And I'm able to use this intuition to make decisions quickly. The downside comes when I try to force myself to figure out why ... thus poisoning my logical thinking with kryptonite and causing me to doubt myself. It's best if I just act on what I feel and not over think.

62. If I were to get an MBA from HBS (see #51), I would study Social Enterprise/Social Entrepreneurship. I love the idea of helping others throughout the world to become self-employed (see #53).

63. Something I've always wanted to do for my birthday: get dolled up (including getting my hair done), have dinner at a nice restaurant, and then attend a performance of The Nutcracker, my favorite ballet.

64. I am afraid of heights. And spiders.

65. When I'm sick, I am a "bad patient" (as Judy, my sister, or any number of people could attest). I don't like to slow down--and if I'm unable to sleep, then I get bored really easily...and end up watching marathons of America's Next Top Model or something like that. I'm too quick to say "I'm fine!" at the first sign of feeling better. When I had knee surgery, I went back to the office more quickly than I should have, which slowed the recovery process significantly.

66. I am a CrackBerry addict: Always, always, a-l-w-a-y-s have my BlackBerry with me and I constantly check for new texts, tweets, emails, etc. The only time I don't have it with me: when I'm in the temple.

67. I don't like talking on the phone and avoid it whenever possible. I prefer to speak to people face-to-face. Or text, email, or instant message.

68. I'm usually only quiet on a few occasions:
  • I'm pensive (have a lot I'm thinking about)
  • I'm hurt (need to sort out what I'm feeling and what to do about it)
  • During the final phase of exhaustion (after I've been through the silly and grouchy phases)

69. I can cry on cue but I have never used that gift inappropriately--mostly it's just a funny thing I can do. For example, family lore tells of how I was with my maternal grandmother in Walgreen's one Thanksgiving season and playfully asked her if she'd buy me a Barbie doll. When she said no, I pretended to burst into tears and made quite a scene...and then started laughing after a  fellow shopper walked by and looked sternly at my grandmother. Oh, and btw: I was at least 20-years-old when this happened. LOL.

70. I love to buy local. LOVE IT! Any and every chance I get, I will purchase locally produced food and other products. Money is power, and I try to be very conscious about where I spend my money. If I have the option, I choose to spend my money at local, family-owned establishments even if I have to spend a little bit extra to do so. Encouraging local economy is important to me. I love the idea of spreading the wealth around, helping local family-owned establishments survive. And I also love the sense of connection I have to those local businesses.
Money, pardon the expression, is like manure. It's not worth a thing unless it's spread around encouraging young things to grow. -- Dolly Levi, Hello, Dolly (1969)
And "evangelizing" good products or services is also important to me. I am a loyal customer. If I like a product or service, I recommend it to all of my friends.

71. I was diagnosed recently as being Celiac (allergic to gluten). Thankfully, Treeshka, who is also Celiac, has been there to tutor me through all of this. But I still don't pay attention as much as I should. As Joy would say, I'm a "crappy" Celiac! Giving up breads and pasta hasn't necessarily been the issue for me, it's discovering that so many (too many) processed foods have some form of gluten in them...and I've been getting sick from eating those unawares.

My one weakness still--and one that I'd endure the stomach pain from eating the gluten in it: a good German soft pretzel. (starts to salivate) Yummmmmm!

72. I couldn't (wouldn't?) swallow pills until I was at least 16-years-old.

73. Being an influential leader is an important goal I have. I am drawn to reading books about leadership (one of my favorites is Leadership and Self-Deception) and to learning from the great leaders around us. Mother Teresa, Vince Lombardi, Coach Krzyzewski (aka Duke's Coach K), Greg Mortensen (author of Three Cups of Tea), Julie Beck (LDS General Relief Society President), Elaine S. Dalton (LDS General Young Women's President), and Martin Luther King are only a  few of my numerous leadership heroes. I love to read stories about ordinary people who made an extraordinary impact on those around them.

74. If I have time to "read for fun," you'll usually find me with a business, leadership, or how-to book in my hands. Learning is fun to me!

75. I love to teach. My favorite callings in my church have been teaching callings (Sunday School, Relief Society, as a missionary).

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