26 August 2011

100 Random Things about Me -- #1-25

Treeshka is often an inspiration to me. And today that inspiration is to copy her post. (Imitation is a sincere form of flattery, right? So here's me flattering Treeshka with an homage to her recent blog post.)

100 Random Things about Me
or 100 Things that Make You Say, "Hmmm...That Maddy...she's a bit...(what's the word?)..." LOL
  1. Popcorn is a completely legitimate breakfast entree.
  2. Though my passport is from the USA, I think I am secretly Canadian.
  3. Life should come with a full arsenal of emoticons.
  4. When I was 5, I was convinced I was Wonder Woman. Still pretty sure I could rock the world if only I had those awesome cuffs. And an invisible helicopter. 
  5. I'm "predictably rebellious," according to Treeshka. Not exactly sure what that means....
  6. Eternity cologne is one of the best scents in the world. I have Yankee Candles with this scent (called by them Midsummer's Night) all over my house. And in my car. And in my office. And if I had a man who smelled like this, I'd be a goner! ;-)
  7. If given the chance, I would listen to 10 songs on repeat all day long:
    • "Rise N Grind" (Donnie Wahlberg)
    • "Forever" (Chris Brown)
    • "I Do Not Hook Up" (Kelly Clarkson)
    • "Around the Way Girl" (LL Cool J)
    • "Do It to It" (Cherish)
    • "Stuck Like Glue" (Sugarland)
    • "Take Ya Home" (Lil' Bow Wow)
    • "Don't Turn out the Lights" (NKOTBSB)
    • "Always" (Atlantic Starr)
    • "Real Good Man" (Tim McGraw)
        1. My favorite talent show performance: when my friend and I were "Silly Vanilli" in the sixth grade, complete with fake dreadlocks. Awe.Some.
        2. I am not keen about reality television shows (So You Think You Can Dance? and Dancing with the Stars are the only exceptions to this)...but I occasionally get "sucked in" and watch marathons of America's Next Top Model on VH1 or Oxygen.
        3. One of my favorite seasons of the year is March Madness. I anxiously await the Big Reveal on Selection Sunday...and then thoughtfully fill out the brackets. SPOILER ALERT: I usually pick Duke to win the Big Dance. I love me some Duke and Coach K! :)
        4. My (not so) secret love: Indian food, Bollywood films, and Bollywood music. As I write this, I am listening to "Chale Chalo" from the Lagaan soundtrack. Makes me want to get up and start dancing! Just wish I understood what they were singing. Haha.
        5. I don't like carrying a purse or a big bag. Although I can appreciate the love of beautiful purses, I don't think I'll ever own one because I wouldn't use it.
          SOURCE: http://mke2lax.blogspot.com/2007/11/pdx-mke.ht
        6. I have trained myself to NOT call a water fountain a "bubbler" (even though that's what it's really called...in Milwaukee...).
        7. Spending more than $100 on a pair of shoes gives me great pause. Unless they are flip flops or some form of sandals.
        8. Early in my career, I though that my fast-track was to become a librarian. Now I realize that I would've been too loud for that job. LOL
        9. The first German words I recognized as a child were those my Oma yelled at me when I was in trouble. I'm pretty sure there were some serious swear words in there.
        10. I love giving people nicknames. For example, one day in a staff meeting, I decided to call my boss "Tyrone," even though his name is simple Ty (not short for anything)--and he let me. Still lets me.
        11. I secretly wanted to be on the Mickey Mouse Club but I wasn't ever brave enough to audition.
        12. I am a night person. Unfortunately, my current work schedule doesn't accommodate that very well. I have the "night" thing down--i.e., staying up late working or doing other things--but the part that gets me is that I still have to get up super early the next morning. That's why THAT no work!
        13. I rarely paint my finger nails. My toenails, however, are rarely "naked" (i.e., without polish). And I don't think I could ever stand the feeling of having fake fingernails.
        14. My favorite ice cream is vanilla soft serve. DQ is one of the best.
        15. I've always wanted to marry a man with a German-sounding last name because it would be "good for business" and give me more "street cred," haha. (I do a lot of business with Germans and German-Americans.)
        16. I come from a boy scout family; both my parents and my dad's parents have been heavily involved with scouting for all of my life. I used to join my dad's troop on activities when I was younger (and I *knew* that all of those older boys were secretly in love with me, of course--even though I was 5 or 6 years old!), and later, I'd help him every year with Scouting for Food. I even have patches for doing this--just no cool khaki shirt to put them on!
        17. I wear an Irish Claddagh ring on my right hand and never ever take it off. (It's my homage to my mom's Irish ancestry.)
        18. I do not usually have the gift of nap. It's difficult for me to sleep on public transportation (buses, trains, planes) or in the car on road trips. Only when I'm extremely exhausted am I able to sleep. Even sleeping pills don't always do the trick. So, for me, red eye flights--where the point is for you to sleep whilst en route--only produce red eyes and a grouchy, exhausted me. Not necessarily the best idea for all involved.

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