02 September 2010

"It-ly? My wife's in It-ly?!"

Love that quote from Only You. :-)

I'm going to It-ly next Thursday (crazy, huh?!) and I'll be gone for about 10 days. Here's my itinerary so ya'll can keep track of me if you want to.

Also, if there is anything you want from It-ly, let me know and I'll try to accomodate your requests. (Sorry, I don't think I can fit any attractive Italian men in my suitcases. Just letting you know that up-front.)

Thursday 9-Sep Salt Lake City to Milano
Friday 10-Sep Arrive in Milano, 9:40am
Saturday 11-Sep Lugano, Switzerland
Sunday 12-Sep Church - Torino?
Monday 13-Sep AM -- Stato di Archivo Milano. PM --Vincensa Diocese.
Tuesday 14-Sep Tuscany-- Province of Massa-Carrara, parish: Licciana Nardi.
Wednesday 15-Sep Roma
Thursday 16-Sep Sicilia: Catania, Siracusa.
Friday 17-Sep Sicilia: Palermo
Saturday 18-Sep Sicilia: Palermo, Catania
Sunday 19-Sep Fly from Catania to Salt Lake City (arrive 8pm)


  1. Well, could you maybe just give an attractive Italian man who is temple worthy my number? You can fit THAT in your suitcase, can't you? :)

  2. Haha. Hey, what was your number again? 5-9-2...that's all I know.