10 September 2010

Ciao, Italia!

So, I'm here. In Italy. And I love it!

Tomorrow morning (it's 11:30pm here in Milan) I'll write a longer post with pictures and a verbose, "bowl-minded" narrative about what I've experienced. For now, here are the stats:

  • Amount of time that my new global BlackBerry device has worked since we left the United States: 0 hours and 0 minutes 
  • Number of connections to fly to Milan: 3 (SLC to Minneapolis...to Amsterdam...to Milan)
  • Hours it took to travel from SLC to Milan: 17.5
  • Number of wrong turns we took while trying to drive to the hotel in our little Fiat: 3 7,000 (which is code for too many to count)
  • Number of hours in Italy (thus far): 13
  • Total count of Gelaterias visited in the last 10 hours: 2
  • Gelato flavors sampled: 5
    • Fragola [FRAH-go-la] (strawberry)
    • Pistacchio [pee-STAHK-yoh] (pistachio) -- 2 times
    • Mango (mango)
    • Stracciatella [strah-cha-TEL-lah] (like a chocolate chip ice cream) -- 2 times
    • Limone [Lee-MON-ay] (lemon)

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