27 July 2010

Make a Date with the Lord--He Won't Stand You up!

What a wonderful opportunity we have to learn from one another--to share experiences and be edified and taught true principles.

In March 2010, the BYU-H student association presidency spoke at devotional. Roger Brown, a member of the presidency, shared this marvelous insight about how to improve our communication with the Lord. I am excited to try this and see the blessings that occur because of it.
When I was in the 8th ward here on campus, Bishop Crowell once gave me a piece of sound advice. We were talking about appointments, and how most people are on time or early to their appointment with the bishop. Whether out of respect or fear, he told me to try something, and to see if it improved my relationship with the Lord. He told me to make an appointment with the Lord in prayer, and to set a date, time, and place that I would communicate with him. I tried it; in my night-time prayer, I designated a time and place where I would go the next day. I went there a few minutes early. I prayed, and I read my scriptures, and took some time to ponder. The Lord communicated with me because I went there specifically seeking guidance, and I had the desire to listen, or to hearken to his counsel.

Our Father in Heaven loves us, and wants to speak to us. We must make time for Him, and leave a space for Him in our lives. As we draw closer to Him, He will draw closer to us.

Brothers and Sisters I invite you all to make an appointment with the Lord this week, and find ways that you can better listen to the Lord, hearken unto his word, and strive to live by those things that he teaches you.

-- Roger Brown, BYUHSA presidency, "Reaching Your Greatest Potential," Brigham Young University-Hawaii devotional, 30 March 2010 (emphasis added).

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