28 July 2010

How Have *You* Seen the Lord in Your Life?

If the Lord "delights" to bless me and wants to answer my prayers (and I believe that He does)...then am I just not seeing how He blesses me? Am I missing what's right in front of my face?

I know blessings are there; I can even enumerate a lengthy list of what the Lord has done for me recently. But for some reason, I cannot always identify the Lord's blessings--especially for prayers I've prayed for a long time. For example, I have prayed myriad times about my marital status and what I can do to change that. I know the Lord has heard my prayers and has blessed me but not in the way I expected (e.g. blessing me with a new job that requires a lot of travel, which means I have NO TIME to date...not sure how that moves me any closer to what I desire). How can I see that what is occuring in my life is actually moving me toward the ultimate blessing I desire?

How does the Lord manifest Himself in your life?

How do you recognize blessings, tender mercies, miracles? What is His "signature" that enables you to know these things are from Him?

How are you able to recognize the connection between what you prayed for and what the Lord has done, especially when the blessing doesn't seem to be related to your original prayer?

Please post or email me your answers. I'm very interested in learning how the Lord works in your lives; hopefully that will help me better identify His hand in my life.

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  1. Dearest Cousin, I just posted on your facebook about love, and I think it was partly in response to things you had said here in your blog about how you are busy and strong and stressed and independant.

    Funny. The things I felt like the Lord was asking me to tell you were that you need to be vulnerable sometimes. Let love in. It's like the quote about the recklessness of faith. Love requires faith as well. The sentence in which you talked about the safety of the hug from your father...you just have to go out there and hug anyways, not knowing if the person is gunna hug back like your father or not. Hug like there's no tomorrow. Love like there's no tomorrow.

    The lord will give us our husbands when we are ready for them. When we have learned all of the lessons that we need to know. First we need to learn how to not screw up our future relationships with them :) Once we learn that, then God will put those gorgeous men in our lives. ;)

    I feel so freaking old and single and barren. But this is God's will. One of my favorite verses is this: Trust not in your own understanding. Idk what the rest of it is...I'll look it up...Here we go. Proverbs 3:5. Love it. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

    Trust that he is preparing you and me for our fabulous husbands to be, Cousin. Do not rely on your confusion and frustration and impatience. Those feelings are the Devil at work in our hearts and minds. Rebuke him! Trust in where God has us in our lives right now, because we do not know his will.

    Verse 6: in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

    We have to shine our lights and glorify God. We have to BLOOM where he plants us. If we just shrivel up, then there will be no beautiful flower when the time that He has chosen comes, we'll just be a dried up stem and scragly leaves!! So shine, glorify, bloom...let yourself grow!! When you do that, He will make our paths straight ACCORDING TO HIS WILL.