27 July 2010

Faith and Family

A reminder to me about what's really important in life: having powerful faith in the Lord Jesus Christ so that I can accomplish the "impossible" and to live a life that will reflect that faith, so that those around me as well as my posterity will know Jesus Christ also.
Moses and Joshua would have found their task impossible had they not known with certainty that the great Jehovah was continually guiding their efforts. Samuel, the future prophet of such a tender age, would not have heard nor understood the voice of the Lord had he not had the instruction and the faith to say “speak Lord, for Thy servant heareth”. Lehi’s family would not have obtained nor benefited from the Brass Plates had the Spirit not shown him their value to his family. The construction of a ship by unskilled shipbuilders would not have been successful without Nephi’s faith to go into the mount oft to seek direction from the Lord. The arrival in the Promised Land would have been more improbable without humble prayers that the Lord would guide their remarkable ship.
The accomplishment of their tasks became possible only when motivated by faith; a faith that burned deep in their souls and cast away any doubts as to what the Lord expected of them. So it is with each of us. Our lives can be an example of personal strength to ourselves and others around us. When we have such faith, nothing will be impossible and such achievement will be sweet and long lasting....

Your posterity is depending on you to be powerful examples of goodness so that when they hear or remember your name, they will also remember your worthy endeavors. Every choice you make in your lives will reflect upon you and them. Many who may never know you personally will honor your name because of what they have heard or read about you.

-- Elder Shirley D. Christensen, "Who Call Evil Good, and Good Evil," Brigham Young University-Idaho devotional, 29 June 2010 (emphasis added).

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