27 July 2010

Example of Righteous Marriage: A Quiet Service to Mankind

From Elder Shirley D. Christensen:
A few weeks ago there appeared in our local newspaper the account of a woman who while reading a magazine in her doctor’s office waiting room read of an “Exemplary Husband “ contest being sponsored by the magazine and inviting entries to be submitted for the contest. The woman returned home, wrote a description of the admirable traits of her thoughtful husband and without informing him she mailed it and immediately forgot about her entry.
Several weeks later she was notified that her entry had been selected as a finalist in the contest. Her husband was embarrassed and she was justifiably pleased and proud. Listen to her description of her husband written in her entry.

“My husband is so [wonderful] to me because he rushes home from a long day at work to spend time with us. He always walks in the house ready to give us hugs and kisses and is ready to play with the kids. He’s always thinking about helping me. Our relationship works very well. He always compliments me and is always giving me hugs. He’s so cute.”
As I read the account of this wonderful couple I was thrilled as I’m certain others were also. I don’t know that they are members of the Church, but the power of their example is so desperately needed and appreciated regardless of religious affiliation. O how this world that lacks so much kindness and civility in marriage is blessed by the example of that couple and so many others like them.

Elder Neal A. Maxwell wrote of the influence of couples who marry in the temple, honor their covenants and are examples of righteous marriage to the rest of the world,
“Such righteous individuals perform another vital but quiet service to mankind: they become part of the critical mass which can evoke God’s much-needed blessings on all humanity.” (Liahona, May 2003)
-- Elder Shirley D. Christensen, "Who Call Evil Good, and Good Evil," Brigham Young University-Idaho devotional, 29 June 2010 (emphasis added).

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