15 July 2010

Don't Be a Game Hunter's Trophy

Last night whilst re-reading one of my favorite talks by Sister Bonnie D. Parkin (Remember Who You Are!), one of the paragraphs seemed to leap off the page for me, calling to remembrance why there is "opposition in all things" and why we must, must, MUST keep fighting to overcome the adversary. The idea is this: Satan wants to destroy us and employs EVERY means possible to accomplish his goal. We must, must, MUST not allow him to. What Sister Parkin describes below is a chilling yet valuable idea to remember:
Again, you are a choice group of Heavenly Father's children; your attendance at this fireside further demonstrates your desire for righteousness. But, like Moses, this also makes you a larger target for the adversary. Every righteous soul that Satan seduces from the truth becomes a game hunter's trophy, prominently mounted and displayed on the walls of hell.

-- Sister Bonnie D. Parkin, "Remember Who You Are!", Church Educational System fireside, 7 March 2004 (emphasis added).

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