19 April 2010

Letting Go of the "Should"

I'm a big fan of Whitney Johnson's Dare to Dream blog. For over a year now, I've followed it religiously and internalized the truths shared by Whitney and the other fabulous women, which in turn intensified my desire to dare to dream.


Yet, I still evade my dreams by applying the ubiquitous "should"--i.e. "This dream would be lovely...but I should want what I have now" or "Pursuing and fulfilling this dream would bring me so much happiness...but I should stick with what I know instead of trying something that I could fail at."

The should gets me every time. And I abhor that I allow should (and the fear that gives should its power) to persuade me to abandon my dreams and potential happiness.

Why do I empower should when doing so only enervates my ability to pursue the dreams and passions I have? What could I do to weaken the leverage should has on me, to liberate myself to pursue my dreams?

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