22 April 2010

Just Rannin' Around

The Mouth of Babes is one of my favorite videos to watch on Sunday or any day of the week. I love to hear the children's insightful answers to gospel questions. Why do we partake of water and bread for the sacrament? "Well, the water is like milk, and the bread is...just bread!" What do missionaries do? "They go on a mission!" What does smoking do? "It makes you cough and try to get it out." Very profound.

One of my favorites in the film is a little blonde girl who answers the questions in very interesting ways. (If you've seen the movie, she's the one who does "When Pebbles was a baby....") Her response to the question about where she was before she was born? "At my house." And what was she doing there? "Just rannin' around."

I like that phrase (just rannin' around); I think that phrase could be said of my life. I have just been "rannin' around" at work, in my life, and in everything I do. I go, go, go until I'm forced to stop. Living my life is sometimes exhausting.

"Rannin' around" could also describe how I deal with hurt--especially when I feel vulnerable and out of control. I just "ran around," trying to get as far away as I possibly can from whatever (or whoever) hurt me or is causing me to feel vulnerable. This "rannin'" away involves completely shutting off my heart sometimes in an attempt to stop feeling. As you can imagine, this doesn't work so well because suppressing ALL feelings means preventing myself from feeling the Spirit.

Although I'm less inclined now to completely shut down (I know there is a healthier, better way), I still see it occurring in my relationships...and that makes me sad. I don't want to "ran around" anymore--in my harried personal life or in my emotional life. I just need to figure out how to "be still" and know that God is with me.

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