21 April 2010

Nourishing and Protecting Home and Family

Nourishing and protecting home and family is critical--not only for women and mothers but for everyone. All need to be involved, to be engaged in defending home and family. I feel very passionate about this cause.

When I heard Sister Julie B. Beck speak at the BYU Women's Conference about this topic, I was greatly moved and inspired by the insights and pure doctrine that she shared. I recommend--no, exhort--everyone to listen to or watch this profound talk.
Julie B. Beck | Nourishing and Protecting Home and Family | May 01, 2009 | BYU Broadcasting
Highlights from this talk include the following:
  • "Every mother produces a superior daughter...that's the job of a mother."
  • "We began and knew about the plan of the family before we were born."
  • "Both Adam and Eve had leadership roles in their family, as given to them in their assignments. They got their responsibilities by virtue of that celestial marriage and sealing.... That marriage was an order of the priesthood and they needed that in order to one day 'see the face of God and live.' They were preparing for the blessings of eternal life as they began their family."
  • "Eve had a leadership role, it was an influential role--to choose to bring children into the earth and to teach them and give other spirit children opportunities for blessings of eternal life."
  • "We have to be intentional about everything we do.... I'm so grateful for parents who were intentional about preparing the family, and they created a personalized family plan for our family."
And my favorite...
  • "We have a huge problem in our families with pornography and the influence that that's having in our families. And my feeling that's been coming over me in a powerful surge is, Sisters, fight! Fight! Sisters, you have the responsibility in your homes.... This is our responsibility. Many helps have been provided by the Church of how to fight. We cannot sit and act like victims. This is the fault of a determined adversary, and we have to take responsibility for defending our homes."

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