26 April 2010

Joseph Freeman: An Example of Faith

This morning as I was scanning through the emails I subscribe to, I saw a link to an article about the first black priesthood holder. I didn't even have to click the link to know who that was: it is Joseph Freeman--and I had the wonderful opportunity to associate with Brother Freeman when I served my mission in Colorado.

Before I became acquainted with Brother Freeman's remarkable history, I was touched by his testimony and faith. He was a warm, jovial, kind man who reached out to serve whenever and wherever he could. And his wife, Isapella, and young son JJ were also delightful. I treasured spending time with the Freeman family; I always left feeling renewed and hopeful--that even though serving my mission was difficult, that I could perservere and accomplish whatever the Lord wanted me to do. I am grateful to the Freemans, particularly to Brother Freeman, for his example and the love/support shared with me.

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