21 April 2010

I Love to See the Temple

The temple is a very sacred and precious place to me. "I love to see the temple" as the primary song says. And I do; I love to see the temple and to be in the temple and to think about the temple and to learn in the temple. I feel exceedingly blessed to live in a place where temples (plural) are easily accessible--and I also feel ashamed that I do not utilize this blessing more often.

My focus--our focus--needs to be more on the temple and the blessings therein. Seeing the "big picture" through the lens of temple covenants enables me to remember who I am and to act accordingly. I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father who loves me and who has provided everything I need to return to Him and enjoy the blessings of eternal life. The rest is up to me, to accept His blessings and follow the way that was taught, in word and deed, by His Son, Jesus Christ.

I want others to enjoy the blessings of eternal life also. Paramount to me is teaching my (yet unborn) children about the blessings of the temple and why living our lives worthy of entering the temple brings joy.

President Ezra Taft Benson provided a wonderful address on this very subject. Below are extracts from his talk given in 1986:
The temple is a sacred place, and the ordinances in the temple are of a sacred character. Because of its sacredness we are sometimes reluctant to say anything about the temple to our children and grandchildren.

As a consequence, many do not develop a real desire to go to the temple, or when they go there, they do so without much background to prepare them for the obligations and covenants they enter into.

I believe a proper understanding or background will immeasurably help prepare our youth for the temple. This understanding, I believe, will foster within them a desire to seek their priesthood blessings just as Abraham sought his.

When our Heavenly Father placed Adam and Eve on this earth, He did so with the purpose in mind of teaching them how to return to His presence. Our Father promised a Savior to redeem them from their fallen condition. He gave to them the plan of salvation and told them to teach their children faith in Jesus Christ and repentance. Further, Adam and his posterity were commanded by God to be baptized, to receive the Holy Ghost, and to enter into the order of the Son of God.

To enter into the order of the Son of God is the equivalent today of entering into the fullness of the Melchizedek Priesthood, which fullness is only received in the House of the Lord....

But this order [of the priesthood] is otherwise described in modern revelation as an order of family government where a man and woman enter into a covenant with God—just as did Adam and Eve—to be sealed for eternity, to have posterity, and to do the will and work of God throughout their mortality.

If a couple are true to their covenants, they are entitled to the blessing of the highest degree of the celestial kingdom. These covenants today can only be entered into by going to the House of the Lord.

Adam followed this order and brought his posterity into the presence of God. He is the great example for us to follow.
--President Ezra Taft Benson, "What I Hope You Would Teach Your Children about the Temple," Tambuli, April 1986, 1 (emphasis added).

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