22 April 2010

Awesome Things

A friend sent me a link to a website called 1000 Awesome Things. It's a substantial list--1,000 to be exact--and has some very interesting entries. Reading through the list led me to ruminate on the 'awesome things' in my life. What awesome things do I see, experience, or enjoy in my life? I decided to create a list of my own.
  • The feeling of calm and peace I feel when I'm in the temple. (This is especially blissful since I'm normally a very anxious person.)
  • Hearing someone you love reciprocate with "I love you."
  • The overwhelming joy and gratitude I feel when I see the Lord's hand in my life--and how He pays attention to the details.
  • The feel of a down comforter wrapped around me.
  • A hug from someone who possesses the 'gift of hugging' -- the security and peace I feel when wrapped in that embrace.
  • Making other people laugh when I say something witty.
  • Following a small impression and seeing how the Lord uses me to answer someone else's prayer.
  • Dancing--anytime, anywhere--and how I can get lost in the movements and be transported to a blissful haven. 
  • Playing 100 games of "Go Fish" with a nephew--and hearing his endless stream of jokes.
  • Enduring to the end of a particularly harrowing experience and feeling the joy of overcoming.
  • Purple. The color makes me happy.
  • Losing myself in a well-written book.
  • The delight of insight and making connections in the scriptures that leads to further discovery.
  • The synergy and edification that occurs when discussing the Gospel with Emily and Judy. I love to learn from them!
  • Chocolate chip cookies made with oatmeal (especially from Hagermann's Bakery) and cold fat-free milk. Yum!
  • The turquoise water at the falls of Havasupai.   
  • The endorphins surging through my body after I exercise. I feel that I could take on the world!
  • Hearing my dad's voice when I call him crying. Sometimes a girl, no matter what age she is, just needs her Daddy.
  • The crunch of leaves under my feet.
  • The smell of lilacs. 
  • Feeling the sun on my skin, especially after being in the cold, air conditioned building.
  • Seeing the Lord answer my prayers and my needs through someone else.
  • Singing my testimony and having the Spirit testify that what I'm singing is true.
  • Sleeping in.
  • Finding just the right word or phrasing to encapsulate the meaning I desire, a la Elder Neal A. Maxwell.
  • My car, Chad. He is very good to me and endures well all of the stress I put on him. Plus, he likes to go fast as I do.
  • Sunrise on the beach.
  • A note from a friend who just wanted to say "I love you, you are important to me."
  • Hearing one of my favorite songs on the radio and singing along.
  • Creating. 
  • Sleep.
  • Someone else doing my dishes for me.
  • Feeling understood and valued.
  • Someone I respect wanting to spend time with me.
  • Learning 'big words' and incorporating these into my vernacular.
  • Cathartic writing. 
  • Trees make me happy: decorating my house with pictures of them; walking through a forest of trees; seeing the first leaves sprouting in the Spring after a long winter; soaking in the breathtaking colors of leaves in the Fall; researching the ancestors in my own family tree. 
  • Finding a 'kindred spirit.'
  • Inside jokes. Inserting inside jokes into conversations and making someone laugh.
  • Being authentic and feeling loved and accepted for who I am--feeling safe enough to 'just be.'
  • Camping with my dad and sister in the backyard.
  • Receiving revelation.
  • Flip flops that allow my feet to not be claustrophobic.  
  • A phone call from a friend I haven't talked to in many years.
  • Dustin--someone who loves unconditionally and makes me feel like the most important woman in the world. I soooo love you, Dust!

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