30 November 2009

Fears: The Short List

What am I afraid of? As I have been pondering this question, I've enumerated many fears--all of which I couldn't possibly address and/or overcome in a 365-day period of time.

The biggest fear for me has always been the fear of failure: as I said earlier, I often don't do things because I'm afraid that I would fail at them. So, conquering that fear of failure is the focus of 2010. I am focusing my efforts on doing things that I, in the past, haven't done because I was afraid to fail. Sewing, running, applying to grad school, doing algebra, etc are examples of that.

There are also other fears--e.g. fear of heights and fear of spiders/snakes--that I will try to face this year. I will probably not conquer them (Molly, you'll probably still have to kill all of the spiders in the backseat of KShum's car for me!)...but I'm going to face them.


1 comment:

  1. The last two, I'll totally help with. I used to teach swim lessons when I was a lifeguard and computer shopping is so much more fun when you have a geeky sarcastic person like me to go with. You know how to get a hold of me.