17 August 2009

Swishing Obsession

If I learned anything from my best friend's mother, it is this: every toilet in the house needs to be cleaned before any company comes over. This idea of toilet cleanliness has been taught consistently by my best friend's mother--almost as much as the need to wear socks in the winter and proper shoes (i.e. not flip flops) when you go walking (see, I was listening!)--that I have become almost as obsessed about it as she is, and I'm not even her daughter!

Case in point: Yesterday I knew my visiting teachers were coming at 4:30 p.m.; as I was leaving church at 4 p.m., my first thought was, "Oh! When was the last time I cleaned my toilets?" Because I'm somewhat OCD about this, the answer was of course on Saturday when I was cleaning the house, so I could relax and wait for my visiting teachers to arrive.

I might not make the bed (and I don't because I think it's a waste of time...but that's another topic for a later post), but boy, my toilets are clean!

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