23 August 2009

Sugar-coated Lies

Satan is very tricky. He packages lies carefully and ties them up with a big bow...and sometimes we blindly accept--even treasure--these "gifts" when all they really contain are brown-sugar-covered dung.

That point became clear for me as I watched what used to be one of my favorite movies, a romantic comedy that is punctuated with funny, very quotable lines. As I watched it again with some friends this weekend, however, I saw the movie in a different light. Yes, the movie still has those delicious "brown-sugar-coated," quotable moments...but the storyline itself is made of disgusting elements that I used to gloss over--i.e. adultery, fornication, language, not cleaving to one's spouse, etc. I used to think those were "minor" parts of the storyline, but actually, they ARE the storyline! Why should I be cheering on the main characters--wanting them to get together--when what they are teaching me is that it's okay to commit adultery when "it's true love" (and when it is known that your spouse has already commited adultery) and it's okay to abandon one's marriage vows--to not even TRY to make it work by going to counseling--because that man was "meant to be" with someone else, someone with whom he was emotionally unfaithful to his wife from the very beginning (told his best friend everything before his wife).

My perspective of the movie changed because of what I've been learning about lately: how important it is in any relationship to be trustworthy and to be committed to that relationship, turning to that person first to work out problems (instead of turning to others first). These lessons have come primarily as I've been developing my relationship with Heavenly Father. I previously thought that the only problem was my inability to trust Him fulfilly; He has shown me that I am not as consistent, committed, and trustworthy as I thought I was to our relationship (a very humbling lesson!). For example, when I don't understand what He's doing in my life or when I feel confused/hurt by something that has happened, I often shut Him out and turn first to others to help me figure out what to do, instead of praying to Heavenly Father and working things out between us.

I've turned to others first before Heavenly Father because I thought that He didn't care, that it was my own fault that I was hurt and shouldn't involve Him (the one I felt had hurt me) in resolving my hurt. The truth is that Heavenly Father DOES care about my feelings and WANTS to be involved in the resolution because He IS the resolution! He is the One who can heal my wounds. When I turn away from Him, I increase the distance between us and the liklihood that I will accept one of those sugar-coated lies as truth. And as I do so, the lie I was believing (that He doesn't care) is reinforced because I don't allow Him to demonstrate anything different. Then the "story" I continue to write in my head is that He doesn't care, so I feel justified in repeating this...until I've written Heavenly Father off completely as some uncaring, unfeeling being who delights to see His children suffer -- and that is NOT who Heavenly Father is!!!

By small and simple things are great things brought to pass, even the great destruction of our relationship with Heavenly Father!

I think "cleaving" is important not only in marriage relationships but in our relationship with Heavenly Father (see Genesis 2:24); we should be just as committed to Him as we are to a spouse. Actually, we should be even more loyal to God; He should be our primary priority and we should make any sacrifice necessary to esteem Him as such.

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