25 August 2009

Music to My Ears

Some thoughts on music, particularly as a form of worship.

"We are able to feel and learn very quickly through music, through art, through poetry some spiritual things that we would otherwise learn very slowly."
--President Boyd K. Packer, 1976 Devotional Speeches of the Year (1977), 267.

"The most effective preaching of the gospel is when it is accompanied by beautiful, appropriate music."
-- President Harold B. Lee, in Conference Report, Apr. 1973, 181.

"We are in a position, as musicians, to touch the souls of those who listen."
-- President Spencer W. Kimball, Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball (1982), 520.

"Inspiring music may fill the soul with heavenly thoughts, move one to righteous action, or speak peace to the soul."
-- President Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, Nov. 1974, 67.

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