26 August 2009

It's All about Me

Tonight as we were driving to the movies, my bishop's wife and I had a very thought-provoking conversation about the new social media and its affects on relationships. She asked me if I agreed with the idea that social media was turning this generation into giant narcissists. I thought about myself (haha) and wondered if that could be said about me. Am I becoming narcissistic because I have a blog that no one but Judy, Melea, and Tracy read?

I value the opportunity for personal expression that writing in its various forms provides. And I value social media tools that connect me with family and friends and allow me to know what occurs in their lives. What I see, though, is that in our social media-driven world, we are becoming more self-absorbed; we are too plugged in to a barrage of media outlets, broadcasting what we are doing, instant messaging or texting with people, or tuning out the world with our MP3 players...that I wonder if we've lost the value of a non-media-enabled conversation--i.e. face to face (not on Facebook).

It's ironic for me to say that as I type this message for my blog on my BlackBerry. You can't get much more plugged in than that!

I think I am typing this message for me, as a reminder to unplug sometimes and be social--to remember how good it is to see and hear someone laugh in person. That the worth of a soul is great, and that sometimes what my soul really needs is to connect with another soul. I also need to unplug long enough and frequently enough to allow the Spirit time to teach me.

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