15 August 2009

Almost the Best, Second Only to the Best

If I had to rate my best friend Judy on a scale of one to ten, she'd probably be a thirteen (extra credit points for having great hair). Judy is the kind of person you want to have around for any time in your life:
  • If you are sad, she is a "good-job" listener and she looks for ways to help you feel happy
  • If you are happy, she rejoices with you and makes that happiness feel even sweeter
  • If you are confused, she supports your efforts to find the answers and shares her faith that Heavenly Father *will* come through
  • If you are afraid, she knows how to "talk you off the ledge" and bring you back to rational ground
  • If you are stressed, she knows the magic formula for stress relief--i.e., BYU chocolate milk, Barbara's cheese puffs, and a massage from Janet, the most amazing massage therapist ever.
And Judy thinks I'm funny, which makes me feel better about myself; she should probably get another extra credit point for that.

Relatively speaking, Judy and I haven't been friends for very long (we've known each other 5-ish years and have been best friends for 4 of those), but we've been through more in the few years than most people endure in a lifetime. I couldn't have survived what's happened during the last 4 years if she hadn't been my BFF (best friend forever). I feel tremendously grateful to Heavenly Father for anticipating my needs and bringing Judy into my life. Judy, I keep you!

Sometimes I imagine that Judy and I will someday be as cool, as spiritual, as funny, as wise, and as close as are best friends Sheri Dew and WendyWatsonNelson (aka Wendy Watson Nelson, wife of Elder Russell M. Nelson). When I listen to "The Savior Heals without a Scar" and hear WendyWatsonNelson's story about injuring herself in Albany and of Sheri's calm collectedness and invaluable help...I imagine that a similar story could be told of me and Judy. (Judy, who is definitely more calm, collected, and compassionate than I am, would be the Sheri.) But more than that, I hope that my friendship with Judy will continue to grow as life changes come our way and we aren't "identical twins" in our life situations. Based on the events/changes over the last few months, there is great hope that Judy and I will be just fine.

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