21 October 2008

Yes, Virginia, There are Miracles

Last week I learned that one of my bestest friends in the entire world, JenE, is getting married -- on December 27th--and I couldn't be more thrilled for her! Her engagement brought joy as well as hope: If JenE, a single sister over 30, could find her eternal companion, then maybe there are enough miracles left for the rest of us? (Because really, getting married at any time but especially when you are over 30 years old requires a gargantuan miracle!)

Actually, JenE's engagement miracle is not the only one I've heard of recently. First there was my wonderful colleague and friend Suzanne B (who is now Suzanne C). Then Audrey, my friend from Sharon Park days, announced her engagement. Next, the beautiful and ever hilarious Amy W8 shared her happy news: "I'm engaged to Matt!" And finally, JenE's miracle rounds out the group. Is there a quota on how many miracles Heavenly Father will perform for us single sisters? Because there are already four miracles taken (Suzanne, Audrey, Amy, and JenE). Are there any more left over for the rest of us? If so, to whom do I address my request?

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