21 October 2008

Welcome, Jackson Keith!

I have a new nephew -- and he is the most adorable thing! Jackson Keith, who entered our family on September 19 (aka Talk Like a Pirate Day), is a very docile and happy baby. Judy, Amy, and I traveled to Idaho to see this new little guy over General Conference weekend. And lucky for us, we also got to see Mom and Dad as well.

I love my own family, but being adopted into Judy''s family has been such a blessing in my life -- especially when it comes to having nieces and nephews! Except for the occasional hit with a baseball right in the nose (thanks, Sammy! lol), I love being an aunt. When Jessica called me Aunt Maddy, I almost cried. It was the coolest thing. So, even after my own biological sister has children (which, let's be honest, could be looooooong before I ever have children of my own), I will still enjoy being Aunt Maddy to anyone who will let me spoil them. :)

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