16 July 2008

Sprechen Sie Espanol?

For several years now, it's been a goal of mine to renew my Spanish skills. I used to speak Spanish pretty well -- that is, until I learned German in college. And then German usurped my vocabulary and attention. I didn't think much of it at the time because German was so useful in my profession. I simply neatly packed the Spanish I'd aquired into a special storage compartment in my brain, where it has remained quite neglected to this day.

Now that I no longer need German for my day-to-day professional activities, I feel that it's a great time to resurrect my Spanish from that dusty storage closet. To accomplish this task, I purchased a copy of The Book of Mormon and other materials in Spanish. The plan is to study these materials every morning before work and listen to hymns in Spanish during the day; immersion into the language will hopefully increase my fluency.

I was hoping that the five years of Spanish I had prior to learning German would come back easily. It has not. In fact, I find myself conjugating Spanish verbs with German endings and mixing words from English, Spanish, and German together in a sentence. I think I'm more confused than ever before. My brain isn't certain which word to pull from which language--and when. How can I untangle the vernacular mess in my head? Wissen Sie, por favor?

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