11 July 2008

Running...And Running...And Running...

Running and me...well, let's just say that we aren't very good friends. For years running was synonymous with boredom and injuries to me: I usually got bored after running for five minutes, and I saw that my friends who ran were plagued with injuries. Running didn't seem so good to me.

However, earlier this year I got this zany idea into my head that maybe if I overcame my running aversion, I might be able to resurrect my health and return to the slimmer and trimmer version of myself that I used to like so well.

So, I registered for a running class (I thought if I learned to run properly, perhaps I would actually like it) and purchased new gear... but then I was plagued with migraines, allergies, more migraines, knee problems, and all sorts of crazy things to prevent me from running. I never even made it to my running class once!

All of those obstacles, however, haven't stopped me from continuing to try to run. I'm not very good at it--I get very winded after running for two minutes--but I'm trying to pace myself and run for a bit, walk for a bit, and repeat that until I finish the miles or time I'm trying to run. The overachiever in me thinks this is a "wussy" way of doing it (I really am "go big or go home"), but small and steady may just win the race for me. I'm hoping to participate soon in a 5k...maybe even the July 24th one happening later this month?

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  1. I had the same problem when I started working out about 2 years ago. I was working out in the REC center at the University here so I had all these people around me in great shape flying on the treadmills and I was breathing like an angry bear. Nice. I'm sure they loved it and I was so embarrassed. But I kept thinking about all the increased dangers I was giving myself by being overweight--and i want to be alive later to serve another mission. SOooo.. i kept going. You can do it!!!!