16 July 2008

Loco for Moco

Being best friends with Judy has some definite perks... like going to Hawai'i twice during a six-month period. Granted, I had to pay for my own airfare and other sundries; however, the majority of expenses were paid for while she attended meetings at BYU-Hawai'i. Mahalo nui loa, Judy!
When we visited Oah'u in March, Amy traveled with us. On one of the mornings when Judy was working, Amy and I attempted to find some breakfast. We stumbled upon the Hukilau Cafe in Lai'e. There we sampled some of the finest home-cooking on the island--"ono food, yeah?" as they would say there.
We returned to the Hukilau Cafe again the next morning and were treated like locals: the waitress recognized us Haoles among the sea of brown people and even remembered the drinks we'd ordered from the day before. For the first three times we ate at the Hukilau Cafe, I ordered the famous local dish, Loco Moco, which is essentially two scoops of rice, 2-3 cooked eggs, meat (usually spam or hamburger), all covered in delicious brown gravy. It was yummy -- but soooo filling!
After the third breakfast of Loco Moco, I thought I might never be able to eat it again. But now that I'm writing about it, I'm getting a craving for some ono Loco Moco -- but I'll only eat it once, not three days in a row.


  1. I'll stick with my Hawaiian Sweet Bread French Toast...YUMOLA! Oh, Hawaii is always a good idea...the beaches, the scenery, your hawaiian music station, BYUH, PCC, ah...:)

  2. Loco Moco is an interesting dish. Not sure if I would be willing to try it myself. Chocolate-covered macadamian nuts...that's a breakfast, lunch and dinner food.