11 July 2008

Adele Has a Star!

If only my surname was Jergens, this would be perfect! I always knew I deserved one of these.

For those who are curious (like I was) who Adele Jergens is, click here for more about her.

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  1. Yeah! A blog!! Thank you for doing this. I will add you to my google reader so I'll know pretty much as soon as you post if I am at home :) I am such a sucker for new posts and new info. I totally envy your business trips to Fort Wayne and... wherever. :) Have you seen the new 52K sq ft genealogical library in Independence MO? We were there (in Independence) last week but I didn't get to see it and I'm wondering what the professional world is saying about it. Where would you go to grad school... and it what? ANd... HOW ARE YOU!!?????

    ps if you don't know who I am, come see us at http://perfect-simplicity.blogspot.com